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Writer, Artist, Researcher

Visual Work:     "I am a weaver of symbols. I use symbol-strokes to express my glimpses into the numinous and form an image in which hidden messages are woven or etched into the whole. I use traditional art techniques with digital craftsmanship to express unconscious content; merging light with geometric thought forms while weaving ancient beliefs, current events, natural structures, and sacred text into visionary myth.


My images often possess an abstract biological quality that mirrors the sacred as I see it in the world and otherworldly. The colors I use in an image reflect the quality of a visualized thought, while the nature of the thought determines its form.


I consider myself a mystic; a seeker of ancient paths and new ways of understanding Self and Divine. It is from a Messianic, Mystical, and Meditative Judeo-Christian perspective that my art first shares its life with me upon the inner canvas of mind.


Sometimes my images share the joy and beauty of being. Other times, I express those aspects of life which are harder to look upon. While an individual may seek to be holy and pure before the Divine – or seek to be transformed, individuated, integrated, or even transfigured – it remains true: dark aspects of our humanness are an ever present part of our creaturely nature in this present form we hold.


It is these hidden shadows, often hidden from even ourselves, that must be brought upwards, reconciled with, healed, and recognized as being no less divine than the more beautiful and holy aspects of being.


The Divine creative hand works within the realm of consciousness through the basic element of awareness. Each moment unveils itself symbolically, revealing its potential creative value through time, form, color, and is ultimately known through experience. It is only as awareness experiences itself that it can know its infinite creative power.


Through abstraction and symbol, I seek to bring together the many aspects of Self in a journey towards Divine."



Belle, known as a Tradigital artist, is the co-founder of the branch of Post-Conceptual art known as UnGraven Image. She adheres to the intentist philosophy. As a Post-Conceptual artist, she creates abstracted narratives, scapes, holonic images, and patterned visual fields by painting with symbol-strokes. Using her distinct style of merging UnGraven Image with her own Post Conceptual techniques, Belle's iconic images challenge viewers to look behind the auric veil. Her photography focuses on the Divine as she sees it expressed in the human form and natural world. Belle's style possesses a haze of mystery and echoes the energy of creative forces. Many of her pieces bury timeless or mysterious messages within the strokes, waiting to be discovered by the attentive viewer.

What is Belle's Post-Conceptual Art Theory?

The Emphasis is on the Creative Process of Seeing and Expressing the Symbol-Stroke, While Using the Symbol-Stroke to Form the "Narrative" or Visual Image. The Resulting Image Possesses the Energies of the Symbol, the Artist (via the Strokes), the Underlying Message as Expressed through the Combination of the Symbols, and the Image (or Narrative) as a Whole. Belle is the Co-Founder of the branch of Post Conceptual Art known as UnGraven Image.

What is UnGraven Image?

The use of binary symbol-strokes, such as found in Torah font. Belle often uses sacred Hebrew texts to create her paintings. Though an image may on the surface appear to be secular, being formed by the symbol-strokes of Divine creation, the image is also spiritual. It may be considered a contemporary application of Hebrew micrography. The symbol-strokes may be easily seen in some paintings, while in others they may disappear or become hidden within the many layers used to complete a work. The completed work exists to serve as a visual expression of the binary symbol-stroke.


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