Intentionalism and the Arts

                                    From The Web

This is a selection of various articles, videos discussions etc that has been found on the web.

Here you will find web information about anything related to Intentionality.  You'll find high brow theory concerning authorship by such philosophers as Roland Barthes (particularly his work 'The Death of the Author'), and Foucault (particularly his essay 'What is an author?'). You will see web based information on New Criticism that relates to where meaning is found in a work and Beardsley and Wimsatt's infamous 'The Intentional Fallacy' that says that the author's intentions are not desirable in discovering the work's meaning.

Other names to appear here will be Gadamer, particularly his belief in 'the effective history of the work' whereby a wok's meaning can change, and E.D. Hirsch who maintained that this was solely a change in significance.

 Finally, there will be web based pieces on Palimpsestism.

Happy reading!

(Note: the page is sourced from the web and may not include the opinions of Intentism.)