Intentionalism and the Arts

                       Public Events and Demonstrations


                          Tate Britain Demonstration, 2010          

       Intentists demonstrated outside the Tate Britain during the Turner Prize Exhibition. Intentists were concerned that some of the Turner Prize Nominees' work was anaemic; a common result of denying authorship in art.



                      Tate Modern Demonstration 2010

Members of the Intentist movement demonstrated outside the Tate Modern, London on Tuesday the 23rd November.
We executed a small piece of performance art as one of our number was masked as Roland Barthes. We then handcuffed him and conducted a public trial accusing him of attempted manslaughter of the author.
We also gagged an Intentist member to illustrate our belief that much of postmodern theory has gagged the author.
We were able to distribute many leaflets and drew quite a crowd.  After approximately an hour Tate managers ordered us to move on and so we set up directly opposite at the end of the Millenium Bridge. An interview with one of the Tate's directors fell through, however, various members of the press turned out to see us.