Intentionalism and the Arts

                               With Intent Films


'With Intent Films' is the film making arm of Intentism. 

Themes of intentionalism and the creative trail are inter-woven in the final pieces.


Film Director Dennis Bueso-Calix and With Intent Films have been working on a project. The film will be shown as a triptych visually demonstrating a film's creative journey from initial conception to final shoot.

Below are some shots of filming:



Sam Christie: A Scribble of Intensities:  Intending Affect



Film maker Sam Christie has aired a live essay film (Christie reads as the film plays on
screen) at a conference here called 'A Scribble of Intensities: Intending Affect'.

The following has been taken from the abstract:


This paper may well be, at its core, about energies. Reassurances are given, however, that at no point will there be whale music.


When we create something to be presented to an audience, the capacity for that thing to elicit an affect(s) might reasonably bother us and if it doesn’t, perhaps it should. After all, it seems considerate to observe the affect of a piece of creative work, if that is possible, alongside the many other reasons why someone else should give time to it.


This paper will examine what we might mean when we talk of affect. With the help of an illustrative film backdrop, I will examine the possibility that there may be a way to look at affect as an energy that is closely intertwined with the intentionality of phenomenological perception.


Guided by, and drawing on, questions thrown up by my own research and my practical film project, I will seek to explain why this is particularly important when making work dealing with wider, universal issues – in my particular case climate change.

You can view the film with the following link: